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10 Meaningful Ways to Spend Time with Your Teen This Summer

Updated: Jul 3

Spending quality time with your teen this summer doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s about finding activities that you both enjoy and that allow for meaningful interaction. These ten ideas are a great starting point to create lasting memories and strengthen your bond.


1. Embark on a DIY Project:

Re-decorate Their Bedroom

Re-decorating your teen’s bedroom can be a fun and rewarding project. Involve them in the planning process, from choosing colors and themes to selecting furniture and decor. This project allows for creativity and collaboration, and it results in a personalized space that they’ll love. It’s also an excellent opportunity to teach budgeting and project management skills.

Build Something Together

Engage your teen in building something they’re passionate about, whether it’s a piece of furniture, a treehouse, or a tech gadget. This hands-on project not only develops practical skills but also encourages teamwork and problem-solving. Choose a project that aligns with their interests to keep them motivated and excited.


2. Teach Them How to Cook (or Bake) Their Favorite Recipes


Spend time in the kitchen teaching your teen how to cook or bake their favorite recipes. This activity is both practical and fun, providing valuable life skills. Let them take the lead on some dishes, and enjoy the process of creating delicious meals together. It’s a great way to bond, and you’ll both get to enjoy the tasty results.

3. Plan a Road Trip

A road trip can be an exciting adventure and a great way to explore new places. You could already being doing some long family road trips for your summer vacation, so keep these short and more about places your teen could find interesting so that you can involve your teen in the planning process, allowing them to choose destinations, activities, and routes. This will make them feel more invested in the trip and enhance the overall experience.


4. Learn a New Skill Together

Learning something new together can be a bonding experience. Whether it’s cooking, photography, or a new language, it provides an opportunity to share progress, overcome challenges, and celebrate achievements. Choose something that interests both of you for the best results.


5. Explore Nature


Spend time outdoors by hiking, camping, or visiting national parks. It can even be a walk in a forest, along a river or a nightly walk along the beach. Nature has a way of bringing people closer together, providing a peaceful environment to talk, reflect, and enjoy each other’s company. And, it’s a great way to get some exercise and fresh air.


6. Attend a Workshop or Class


Sign up for a workshop or class that interests both of you. It could be anything from painting and pottery to coding and robotics. Shared learning experiences can be fun and stimulating, and they provide a structured way to spend quality time together.


7. Host a Game Night with Friends

Invite your teen’s friends over for an evening of games. Whether it’s cards, ping pong, volleyball, or board games, this can be a great way to socialize and have fun. Order pizza, play some music, and make it a relaxed and enjoyable event. This also provides an opportunity to get to know your teen’s friends better. The only rule is that the have to hang out for a pre-determined time with the family before wandering off on their own!

8. Start a Book Club

Choose a book to read together and set aside time each week to discuss it. This can be a wonderful way to dive into meaningful conversations, share perspectives, and develop a deeper understanding of each other’s thoughts and feelings. As well as encouraging your teen to read again!


9. Create a Summer Scrapbook

Document your summer adventures by creating a scrapbook. Take photos, collect souvenirs, and write about your experiences. This project not only captures memories but also allows for creative expression and collaboration. Doing something creative together is a wonderful way to bond.


10. Get Involved in Fitness Activities


Stay active together by trying out different fitness activities. Whether it’s biking, swimming, yoga, or joining a local sports league, staying active is good for both physical and mental health. It’s also a fun way to challenge each other and stay motivated.

Tips for Success


1. Communication:  Keep the lines of communication open. Listen to your teen’s ideas and interests to ensure they feel heard and valued.

2. Flexibility:  Be flexible and willing to adapt plans. Teens can have changing interests, so be prepared to switch gears if necessary.

3. Quality over Quantity: Focus on the quality of the time spent together rather than the quantity. Even small moments can be meaningful if they’re filled with genuine connection and engagement.

10 More Ideas


1. Go to a Concert or Music Festival

2. Visit a Waterpark

3. Have a Movie Marathon

4. Try Geocaching

5. Solve a crime in an Escape Room

6. Go to a Museum or Science Center

7. Have a Picnic in the Park

8. Go Paddleboarding or Kayaking

9. Visit a Local Farmers' Market

10. Take a Photography Walk

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